Monday, April 04, 2005

Teamstudio Script Browser

Its a Monday morning and I have just received a good news. There couldn't have been a better thing to do than share it with you.

Last week I received an email from a colleague of mine who wanted help with a script that will give him a dump of all the fields in a form and related information such as its data type, default value and associated code etc. Last couple of days I had been busy trying to achieve the same. This morning has brought a relief when my boss forwarded me an email that he received from Stephanie Heit, Sales Manager, Teamstudio Europe.

The email was about a product they call Teamstudio Script Browser that TeamStudio calls a LotusScript Code Navigator. From the product page at - "Teamstudio Script Browser is a tool to help you use and navigate the LotusScript code stored within an IBM Lotus Notes database in a way that has never before been possible."

Its a promising product. I still have to review it. I will give the report of the product later. For the time being check it out for yourself from this page.

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