Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Google, Blogging and future of Open Source

On March 17th Google launched Google Blog, the future of open source. The open source team at Google intends to publish links to all current Google APIs. Looks like Google is all set to topple the way software developers worldwide look for that code of snippet they are in the need of so badly. Welcome to the future of Open Source. Google's R&D center at Bangalore is fresh with new energy. On March 27, Google hired 50 highly competetive engineers who were tried for "creatively, design expertly, and code correctly and efficiently". This is a major shift in the way Google has so far been forming its core developement team. From the sound of it, India has started to get a larger share of the hottest selling cake in the world. Cheers for the young talent that is making the way.

Will code for Rupee

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