Thursday, March 24, 2005

Of NN, FF and IE

Ever since Tim Berners Lee invented World Wide Web, the lucrative market of web browsers has been a top priority task for software giants. Surprisingly, one of the most frequently used software for an average computer user, a web browser has always been available for free. Regardless of whies of that, it is clear that capturing the web browser market has been a matter of big efforts. In the early days of net surfing, Mozilla was the name. Then came Netscape technologies with Navigator. Netscape had much success with Netscape Navigator Gold. Many people would swear the cool golden anchor was a hot piece of software then. Netscape ruled. IE started taking over when fifth generation browsers came and by the time IE 6 was out, it had already overtaken NN 6. The scene is changing again. Mozilla FireFox is the latest craze (Current version 1.0.2 is available for download from here). A tiny sleek browser, which doesn't look a single bit less on feature or performance. Microsoft is gearing for a summer 2005 release of IE 7 Beta whereas Netscape has already taken the lead with Netscape 7.2 (download it from here). Which way the browser war will lead to will be known only when IE 7 is out. Till then... Happy FireFoxing....

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