Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hello World!

Hello World! That's how Dennis Ritchie greeted the entire world way back in 1970. Entire software developer fraternity has used this to greet and start anything and everything they do. I am starting this blog keeping in mind a variety of subjects. I would love to focus on techincal topics, subjects related to IT, but may just wander around once in a while. Of course your comments would help me shape it better, in the times to come. Nice friends are nice to have. The idea of this blog came from a friend. I must thank him. Here is my gratitutory thank you, a link to his blog: I also owe a lot to my fellow experts and friends at Experts Exchange (, who have been my source of inspiration for some time now. I have learnt a lot from them, apart from having a good time with them. So here we start the journey. May the forces be with us. Amen!

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